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Jay Deakin
Certified Real Estate Broker | Owner

Jay Deakin

Over the last 15 years Jay has established himself as one of the West Island’s top real estate professionals. His extensive experience is complemented by a finance degree from the John Molson School of Business and a post-grad in real estate appraisal from the Sauder School of Business at UBC. As a father of two boys (Ben & Luke), Jay understands firsthand the needs of young and growing families. Passionate about the outdoors, Jay is an avid skier, sailor, runner and golfer. Jay also volunteers as chairman of the board of the West Island Cancer Wellness Center.

Email Jay Cell. (514) 295-5855
Nancy Kemp-Deakin
Certified Real Estate Broker | Founder

Nancy Kemp-Deakin

Nancy began her real estate career in 1987 as co-founder of Deakin Realty. With over 35 years of business and real estate experience, she has established herself as a reputable and admired real estate broker in Montreal’s West Island. As a managing partner of Deakin Realty with her son, Jay, Nancy’s quick-witted negotiating skills give her an edge, enabling her to find solutions and execute transactions to the great benefit of her clients, who range from first home buyers to seasoned pros. Her high level of energy and sense of commitment have built a very loyal following. As a resident of Pointe-Claire herself, Nancy is deeply involved in her community and many charitable projects. She likes to spend her free time with her grandchildren, golfing and boating, but she is always available for her clients!

Email Nancy Cell. (514) 833-2575
Alexa Landreville
Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

Alexa Landreville

Alexa is a passionate follower of the local real estate market and has been part of the Deakin team since 2016. Having graduated with distinction in Marketing from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business, she brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to the team. As well as being a Broker, Alexa manages the company’s social media presence, while also helping behind the scenes with all aspects of the firm's brokerage transactions.

Email Alexa Cell. (514) 451-3246
Rebecca Lewis
Real Estate Broker

Rebecca Lewis

Commencing her real estate career in 2002, Rebecca quickly established herself as a top seller in south Florida. Returning to Montreal in 2008, she continued her real estate career in her “home town” West Island, drawing upon her experiences of living and working in the US. Fluent in English and French, Rebecca graduated from Bishop’s College School prior to attending Drury University. Becky is a regular volunteer in the West Island community and at her two young sons’ school-sponsored social clubs and charities. Her enthusiasm and energy, combined with a philosophy of excellent client care, makes Rebecca a natural for the Deakin team.

Email Rebecca Cell. (514) 518-3388
Desiree Ofter
Residential Real Estate Broker

Desiree Ofter

With a decade of experience in real estate, Desiree is an asset to the Deakin team whose success as a real estate broker is attributed not only to her expertise but also to her patience and attention to detail. She prides herself on her exceptional communication skills, and approaches each transaction with integrity and warmth. Desiree graduated from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business with a major in marketing. She grew up in the West Island and is now raising her two young sons in Pointe-Claire. Her love for the community and her enthusiasm for real estate shine through in everything she does. In her free time, Desiree loves reading fiction, practicing yoga, spending time outdoors with her family and trying new restaurants.

Email Desiree Cell. (514) 823-6339
Don Field
Business Manager

Don Field

Don originally worked as support staff for Deakin Realty in 1990, and completed his real estate course at that time. Seventeen years later, he returned, after obtaining degrees in accounting and finance at Bishop's University and his CGA professional accounting designation. Don's business and accounting background is invaluable to the team, the sales support he provides helps uphold the level of quality service that clients have come to expect, and his technological expertise is pushing the firm into new areas of exposure and marketing.

Email Don

Merci d'avoir pris soin de ma mère et ce plus que votre travail ne l'exigeait.


Thanks again for all your help... attention to detail... sanity checks... moral support... hand holding... i.e. the usual wonderful Nancy Deakin service!!

Sandra & Larry

Thank you once again for guiding us through this process. Your ability to balance professionalism and the human aspect of this process is top drawer.


This is just a quick thank-you for all of your wonderful help in finding our first home. We really appreciated your patience, honesty and attentiveness. You may all rest assured that we will recommend Team Deakin.

Sonjali & Devi

Thanks again for all your help with everything! You were fantastic, and Stef and I are thrilled that we were able to have you as our broker.


Thank you for taking care of my mother ‘above and beyond the call of duty’


Thanks for treating us like family!

The Halls

Your help & professionalism throughout the buying process, and your ‘words of wisdom’ during our selling process have been greatly appreciated.

Sophie & Mark

Deakin Realty provides their clients with total professional, businesslike, and enthusiastic care. They talk to you. They get results. What more could you look for in a real estate firm?

Walter & Pamela

You are incredibly professional even in the throes of an emotional and stressful decision. Thanks for your patience - we are thrilled with our new purchase!

Namta & Sara

You truly could not have handled this tricky sale better and we will sing your praises to everyone we know.

Jen & Dave

Nancy, thank you for all your hard work and patience, and for not giving up on us during this house hunt.

Stefano, Melissa & Zara

We appreciate all the efforts, dedication and patience you are putting into finding us a house. Thank you for everything that you are doing for us.

Martin, Natalie & the girls

Thank you very much for all your help in our transactions ... it was a delight working with such a professional!

Patrick Ducharme - Banque Nationale du Canada

You are a true angel in disguise. We can never express our appreciation for the knowledge, service and kindness you have shown.

Jane & Larry

Thanks for everything you have done. It has truly been a pleasure selling through you.


We would like to thank you so much for all your hard work in finding our first home. Your patience, professionalism, friendship and perseverance was greatly appreciated.

Christina & Kevin

Thanks again for your good work. You were right about the price and the timing for the sale. A celebration is in order!


You did everything we asked for and more, and talked me off the ledge more than once. We were so impressed, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.

Pamela & Doug

I want to thank you for the amazing work done at selling and purchasing my homes. Your dedication, hard work and professionalism are very much appreciated.


Thank you so much for your support and patience during this difficult time with Mom and the sale of her beloved home. I truly appreciate your kindness.


Thank you for a job well done. We’re both so excited to have clinched the deal of the year in Beaconsfield.

Denise & Gary

Thanks for finding our perfect house. We were out of town and trusted you to make an offer without actually seeing the house. Serious trust and you never let us down.


Thank you Jay & the Team for your professionalism and patience. Your market knowledge and detail work helped bring our situation to the next level.

Serge & Elaine

Deakin Realty displayed great professionalism in every aspect of their work and in all cases they made sure the transaction was good for all parties.


Thank you for everything you have done. It was a wonderful experience selling my house with your help.


You listened and went far and beyond what any other real estate organization could or would do. We are happy to say that we consider you a friend and look forward to working with you again.

The Adrian Family

Thank you for your prompt advice and help. It was nice to feel welcome to call you and have your support.

Eric & Janice

As a first time buyer, I had a lot of questions and you took the time with me. Not all agents would have done this - I know, since I dealt with others before meeting you.


Merci pour tout votre support et votre patience!


We would like to thank you again for helping us find a great home and for all of your advice over the past couple of months. We'll definitely recommend you to our friends...

Christina & Rob

You were understanding, professional and endlessly patient throughout this sometimes challenging process. You went out of your way to make it work out, both for us and for our "perfect" buyer.


Merci pour tout! Ça a été un vrai plaisir de vendre par votre intermédiaire!


I appreciated your expertise, competence and advice. These confirmed that my insistence on having you as the sole agent for my property was the right decision.


We really wanted to take the time to properly thank you. You were always there for us, and put alot of time into our home with all the advice and visits. We really appreciate it! You'll always come highly recommended by us.


We realized that we were dealing with a real estate “advisor” - who not only knows the local market and homeowners themselves, but an individual that thinks outside the box and brings creativity and enthusiasm to a profession that he truly loves.

Mark & Kelly

I'm not sure we can ever fully express how much we appreciate all you have helped us with. It has been a stressful time but was made much less so through the referrals you gave us.


I know you did a lot of hard negotiating to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution and we need to congratulate you for that. Thanks for your very significant effort.

Mike & Anna

Thanks again for all your help, advice and patience during the purchase process. You really went above and beyond the average real estate broker's duty.

Matt & Anita

Thanks ever so much! It was our lucky day when we met you. You can always count on us as reference for your future clients.


Thanks to you and the Deakin team for everything you did for us. We really appreciate working with knowledgeable and experienced business people.

Fred & Lynn

I would not consider making a sale or purchase in the West Island without involving Deakin Realty


You are truly awesome. Pointe-Claire is a very lucky place to have you guys at the heart of it.


Deakin Realty achieved the best possible result: a lease that pleased both landlord and tenant. We were so impressed with Nancy and her team that we asked them to work on another project for our company.

Richard King - Owner – Elm Plaza

You are a marvel as Mom is so very comfortable with you and John. You are stars and much appreciated.

Cydney & Les

I was really worried about finding the "right" person to work with my Mom. Your approach, patience and sense of humour won her over right away, and your follow up has given all of us a lot of comfort through this. Jay, I could not imagine a better fit.


I just wanted to thank you for making all of this as easy and painless as possible. Your professionalism, initiative, positive attitude and willingness to take time to explain the process made the deal unfold very smoothly.


Having such a well organized group looking after us made our house hunting trip all the easier…those added touches you do really make all the difference between ‘good’ and ‘the best’.

Laura & Daniel

Thank you so much for all your time, help, advice and patience in getting my house sold. I really appreciate it!


I couldn't have imagined this going any smoother than it did. Thanks for a well thought out plan and execution.

Marcel & Liz

In our business, referrals are important to both the referring party and the receiving side. Thanks so much for a job well done. I hope to refer your family more business.

Peter Blanchard, President - Terramont Real Estate Services

As a non-profit agency, our survival is linked to those people in our community who have the kind of dedication & commitment shown by Deakin Realty. Keep up the good work.

Amcal Family Services

Thank you for your sensitivity and kindness. We also appreciated your level of professionalism and knowledge in the handling of our file.

Bruce & Lillian

Thank you for everything John. You have been so dedicated and helpful throughout our journey!


Your knowledge of the housing market was critical in helping manage the sale of our condo and the purchase of our new home. The practical and helpful recommendations made things easy on both ends.

Rob & Sonia

Thanks for everything, as you can imagine we have every reason to be grateful for your help.

George & Martha

Nancy, thank you for all your help and invaluable guidance!

Katy & Kevin

You thought of every detail inside and out - a job well done to you and your team!


Encore merci pour nous avoir guidés tout au long de ce processus. Vous offrez l'équilibre parfait entre professionnalisme et humanité.


We are so very appreciative of all your efforts in selling our home and finding a new one. The Deakin Realty family is truly professional.

Kathy & Brian

Merci beaucoup Nancy pour ton dévouement et ta patience. Nous sommes très heureux d'avoir fait cette très belle acquisition!


To the Deakin team - thank you for going above and beyond!


Deakin Realty met all of our objectives and helped make our condo project a success. They are proactive, highly professional and capable of adjusting to changing conditions.

Marc-Andre Legault - Developer - Les Cours Sherbrooke

Thanks again for your good work. You were right about the price and the timing for the sale! A celebration is in order.


You have a way of treating your clients as they are you only client. You always responded within hours of a call. That is what I call great customer service.


We just wanted to thank you so much for all you've done for us over the last year and a half. We always felt like you were sincerely putting our best interests first throughout this entire process.

James & Amanda

Thank you Jay, Nancy and Alexa for all your work! I really appreciate the attention to detail and your thoughtfulness throughout the selling process.


The whole experience dealing with you was efficient, seamless and painless. You are a true professional and a good advisor. I felt I was the only client you were dealing with.


Thanks for understanding our needs and finding our family a great home! We would highly recommend Deakin Realty to anyone who is interested in buying or selling.

The Brown Family

The Deakin team made our relocation from Halifax a pleasurable experience. Their professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market helped us find the perfect home.

Jason & Shannon

Thanks again for everything you have done to help us through this difficult (more difficult than normal in this case) process, and for your patience with me.

A & M